Friday, June 8, 2012

The actress I picked for this week saw Katherine Hepburn and the two movies I saw was The Glass Menagerie (1973) and The Trojan Women (1971). In The Glass Menagerie, Katherine plays the character Amanda Wingfield a southern women who husband has left her and she reminisce of past glories and strive for her child to have a better life.
In The Trojan Women she plays Hecuba the Queen of the Trojans, the Mother of Hector. Who looks at the ruins of Troy,  weeps for her son Hector, and witness the women of troy and her daughter be carried was to be slave and be wives
Both character was committed to the throughline and both presented a sense of truth and both were mothers.  Amanda’s through line was that her wanted to her daughter to be happy and taken care of and tries to find a husband and for her son to life his dream  to be a writer but first he must first, he must hand  and man for his sister before she will let him go. Hecuba weeps for her land, her kingdom, her children and the women with lamantations and despair. The constrast wasn’t  that much different . one character was in acient time and the other more modern times and both lost their children in a sense. The accent and the energy of their roles was different, Amanda was a fast talking southern women who can talk on and on about anything it seems  and Hecuba in a dark tone voice  looks over the post war land in misery. I really enjoyed Hepburn role as Amanda Wingfield, she plays that role very well right down to the southern accent and the how she moved in the dress, I think the it was little more challenging to play Hecuba, to make this character real was Hepburn’s to bring this ancient women of Troy to our eyes was may a bit more difficult, Hepburn playing Amanda seem natural, like Tennessee William wrote the play just for her. For The Trojan Women, I did not care for this film and I had to struggle to watch it.

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