Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

For this week the two movies I saw Harsh Times (2005) and The Fighter (2010) both were good movies and I think Christian Bale did very well in both of them.

In Harsh Times Bale plays Jim Davis an ex –army ranger who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) who has vivid flash backs of the military operations he was instructed to carry out. He struggles with the violent that he has witnessed and executed, while trying to find some normal life as a civilian.

In The Fighter Bale Play ex -Boxer Dick Eklund who is the half brother of Mikey Ward (The Fighter) who is addicted to crack and struggles to help train his brother while at the same time dealing with his addiction.

Both were unique characters and both a sense of truth these were both complex roles and Bale met the challenges with precision.
I still am contemplating on which role the most was challenging. Each had the the same amount of energy to play I think.  The one that I like him in the most was Harsh Times the ending was very powerful to me. I have seen Bale in several films and I like his dark side the best. To see Bale’s character to show anger to remorse within seconds was very appealing to me and was key moments in the film. To know how a person response to PTSD and to know how and when to executed with extreme rage when he gets upset with his best friend, to show the love in his eyes and in his calm demeanor when he is Mexico with his girlfriend and then and  was Bales biggest challenge. And also how does someone response to the day to day live as a civilian in South Central with drugs is everywhere an is like a warzone.
The Fighter , since this is base on a true story, Bale had to get into the mind of Dick Eklund and understand his thought process and his energy.  I think in the title of the movie that maybe the fighter isn’t Mark Walberg’s character but Christian Bales character. He is the one that is reborn in a sense from being a crack addict and a mess up ex boxer reminiscing of past glories of how he knocked out Sugar Ray Lenard and struggles to get clean from drugs and makes amends with family and in the end helping his brother in his boxing career.

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